Yoga is  a tried and tested method originating from the Mayan and Indian cultures.
It brings a persons  body, soul and mind into harmony.
It is also suitable during pregnancy, bringing better physical and spiritual strength to deal with the changes that happen during this wonderful transformation.
Hatha yoga focuses on the body and breath using soft Yoga postures and meditation exercises to create an inner tranquility and balance.

The Postures create flexibility and suppleness, diverts the attention to the self and brings a better awareness of the developing baby.
By conscious breathing techniques the nervous system is calmed bringing balance.
The oxygen supply of both the Mother and developing baby is greatly improved.

The physical postures in connection with breathing and concentration invigorates the muscles,bones and organs, promoting a more suitable environvent for the developing baby.

Meditation exercises clears the consciousness, strengthen the concentration and leads the mother to a more intensive contact with herself and the baby.

When Yoga is practiced during pregnancy it prepares the expectant mother for the delivery, giving the ability to tranform and also lessen the labour pains through concious control.