The Sanskrit term Yoga has a wide range of different meanings.
It is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj, "to control", "to yoke", or "to unite".
Common meanings include "joining" or "uniting", and related ideas such as "union" and "conjunction".

Life is a fine balance - when you experience being "In balance" even if its just for one moment a
"Still point" is created - in this "Still point" you become very aware that you are "At Home".

Tip the balance and stay in the Black zone and be dragged down into the depths of delusion.
Tip the balance into the White zone and loss your grounding.
Stay in the Gray zone and remain confused and Fuzzy
Or look-zoom more closely into the gray zone and find out its really only just a mix of both
white and Black - its here that the balance will show its self.
Sub Negative Feelings
Over Positive Feelings
By the practice of Yoga -you have already made the first step to dive into the gray zone,
for sure it appears gray at first........
By constant practice yoga separates the gray into white and black parts again,
what is white is white and what is black is black (clarity) -
When they join again it leaves a  feeling that the mix is "Not-Gray" but "United White&Black"
This Grayness is only a mix of White&Black
Yoga Practice
separates the two
When the White&Black feelings re-join.
The mix is no longer gray,
Instead its  White&Black