Yin & Yang Headaches
Most Headaches result from altered circulation in the head due to physical, emotional, or dietary causes, also an excess or lack of heat within the head.
Headaches also arise from the liver Yang creating excess Heat also impairing the ability of the Liver to clean the blood efficiently, leaving toxins to accumulate in the Blood.
Sharp Headaches are Yang in nature
Dull Headaches are Yin  in nature
Pounding/ Throbbing Headaches are an indicating of Liver Yang rising.
Meridian :-
Stomach, Bladder
This affects the area around the forehead, eyes and sinus's and third eye.
Eating excess Yin food like sugar, ice cream, alcohol contribute to the intensity of the headache, often accompanied by constipation.
For Local relief use B2,GB14 - Distal relief use LI4 - General St36 and Lv3
This affects the area of the back of the neck and head.
Eating to much Yang food like meat cheese, eggs, salt, contribute to the intensity of the headache.
The associated meridian organs are Bladder - Kidney and Spleen
For Local relief use GB20 - For Distal relief use LI4&BL60
General relief ST36
Lateral (Side) Affecting the side of the head and around ears.
The associated meridian organs are Liver & Gallbladder and Triple heater.
For local relief GB20, TH5 - For Distal relief TH4, GB34, Bl60
General ST36 & Lv3
Migraine Affecting more inside the head, could be just left side only (bad lymph) or right side only (too much gall), associated meridian organs liver and gallbladder, early signs are Dark alkaline urine (which indicates rising heat), pain in the eyes and yawning.
Yin foods like Honey, fruit (sugar) help.
Yang  foods like meat and dairy produce should be avoided.
Local Relief B10